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*Digital content

DIVA media creates, manipulates and manages all digital content. Whether you’re looking for compelling copy, multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO), CMS text implementation, audio content or interactive media, you can depend on DIVA.

*International translations


DIVA media manages an international network of experienced copywriters, editors and translators working in up to 38 languages. Our written services are of the highest standard with careful attention paid to cultural differences, current trends and linguistic idiosyncracies.

Our linguists are experienced in several areas including marketing communication, tourism and software localization and are trained in audiovisual and SEO research tools (i.e. transcriptions, subtitling, Google Adwords). If you require another speciality, we will source and vet new linguists to make sure your needs are met. We will dedicate a team of specifically trained linguists to your account to ensure long-term consistency and tailored training. We regularly use TM (translation memories) and can provide terminology glossaries.


*Voice talent

DIVA media casts, co-ordinates and records voice talent for corporate presentations, advertising, jingles, film, teaching and e-learning materials, IVRs, slogans or customer service recordings in up to 25 languages. For voice samples please contact us.

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*Audio production

​DIVA media offers recording facilities and post-production sounds and music for film, TV, DVD, CDRoms, internet, audiovisual presentations and video games with our fully-equipped sound studio just outside Barcelona.


Email for technical details.

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